Be a creator of our universe!

How You Can Help

Your passion and enthusiasm are what we cherish the most! If you're excited about contributing to a world of interstellar adventure and want to volunteer your skills, whatever they may be, we welcome you to join us in this journey of creativity and innovation.

Sound Engineers

Join us in creating the auditory landscape of our game. We're in search of talented sound engineers to compose, mix, and master audio that will captivate our players.

Voice Actors

Lend your voice to our characters and bring them to life! We're seeking expressive and dynamic voice actors to add depth and emotion to our story.

Writers & Narrative

Weave tales of adventure and craft the lore of our universe. If you have a talent for storytelling and world-building, your imagination is needed here!

Other Skills

Have a special skill or idea? We're open to exploring how your unique abilities can play a part in our universe. Let's discuss the possibilities!